We are MOVING....

This is very sad to type but we are moving, I am leaving my beloved pink paradise at Bury Old Road BUT livscupcakes is going nowhere!!!!! All orders will be going ahead (some will have the option of free delivery- more info coming) No orders are effected and everyone booked in after 12/2/23 will be contacted in date order, please be patient as I have a lot to get through.

I have put off this announcement for a while however we are now working towards moving out (dates yet to be confirmed thanks to extra slow solicitors:( 

I plan to trade my last day with a fully stocked counter as SUNDAY 12TH 9AM-2PM, I then will spend 2 weeks clearing everything out and setting up my new home studio at 17 Holtby Street, 2 min walk from Harpurhey precinct and a 10 min drive from where our current shop is now. I am lucky that I am able to convert part of my grandma's house into a mini commercial kitchen/office space so I can continue doing what I LOVE.

For the past 6 months the cost of living has hit everyone hard and is continuing to do so. Bills are increasing at a ridiculous rate, supplies are sometimes having weekly price rises and it's going to become unsustainable and I am not going to risk losing everything I have worked so hard for for the last 3+ years.It's incredibly frustrating to be so booked up and working every hour under the sun to be unable to invest in my business and see the profits I saw last year. It was the most difficult decision I have had to make but I am going to get to spend more time doing what I love and less time stressing over the latest bill. 

I am essentially ‘winging life’ at the minute and have a never ending to-do list but ALL orders will be going ahead as normal. We won’t be taking anymore orders on for 13/02/2023-1/3/23 (all already booked in between these dates will be going ahead with usual collection but you will all receive an email too) and any orders booked in for collection 1/3/23 onwards will be contacted with the new collection details AND offered free delivery as I am aware we may lose some local custom due to our move. I hope as many fabulous customers as possible will follow us to our new collection point and even though we will no longer have a daily counter I am working on fortnightly counters for pre order collections only….potentially uber eats too!

I am going to have more capacity for taking on more orders and more event set ups, more company orders and here's to hoping to reduce my 70+ hour work weeks haha. 

I have spent months ‘grieving’ what I thought was a loss but it's really just  adapting my business to the times. Like we had to do in covid. I have truly loved every minute of working from 355 Bury Old Road and it will always be a huge part of my life and business. It allowed me to meet some forever friends, new customers,work with my mum and sister and generally just live a little dream. I am however now excited to have less space to keep organised and gain back time where I can plan and grow Livscupcakes again! This may not be our last location, nobody knows what's around the corner. I opened the shop on a bit of a whim, I’m not going to lie. I baked from my mum's kitchen,enjoyed it, people seemed to enjoy it too. Got fed up with my job and thought what the hell, I'm young enough to give it a go and so I did. I had to spend months on business plans and prove I am a safe bet for a business loan and funded everything else myself, put all my savings on the line and relied heavily on my family/friends for free labour to get me going but never in a million years did I think I would be able to make it work to this level. To grow as quickly as I did and to be as consistently busy as I am. It has been more than I could of ever wanted and despite the hard times of covid I still managed to come out the other side! Now its time for a new adventure, more time with my grandma and as daft as it may sound, more time for Livscupcakes. My genuine passion.

I just want to say a huge thank you. For everything. 

Love always Liv x

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