Price Changes 2022

I have re wrote this a million times and hope this comes across well and makes sense. From 1/1/2022 our BASE cake prices will increase. Partly due to the fact I am very confident in my ability/equipment and style now however it is mostly down to the past 6+ months of constant price increases from our suppliers, I have tried to absorb this where possible however in order to grow and continue to work towards gaining permanent staff its something I can’t absorb any longer. This is NOT going to effect our counter products and cupcakes and any other products! It is just our BASE cake prices as this is something I am well aware was always on the lower end in comparison to other cake artists. The additional costs that are added to custom cakes currently is also remaining the same and the main difference will be our classic styles such as our buttercream flower cake and drip cake- however with this change we will be absorbing the cost of specific toppings for drip cakes/balloons etc and will update our site to match this. Please understand this was an incredibly difficult decision and we hope you all feel this is justified and will continue to support us in 2022. We still have black friday this year and our January sales coming and can’t wait for the future of Livscupcakes?

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