Thank you for 2021!

I just wanted to jump on and say thank you for 2021! It has been a rollercoaster!

Not the ending we or everyone else wanted with Omicron sweaping through the country but we have used it to look back at all the positives and achievements we have made this year.

The year started with another lockdown (I have spent more time open during lockdowns and restrictions than not:( and I was filled with dread but my god was I wrong! We grew from strength to strength and expanded our counter, upgraded areas of the shop and had some incredible work opportunities with large brands and companies. 

We returned to our markets and finally got to open back up 4 days a week and then joined uber eats! then deliveroo and our 1st Birthday and I watched my little business grow. 

I set myself 5 goals for 2021 and hit 4 of them which considering the challenges we faced as a business this year I am beyond happy with that. I hope in 2022 we can all resume to a 'normal life' and we can continue to prosper as a business and hopefully smash that missed 2021 goal and I can finally secure permenant help. 

Despite everything I do not regret this adventure and love all our regulars so much! I am more invested in their lives than some of my friends haha. This business may technically be a one man band but its nothing without Gill, Millie, Babs and I got to say Sam helps out without asking sometimes too. They are my dream team. You can't get a closer family I swear we spend far too much time together.

Butttttt the biggest, best and most important part is our customers. I honestly appreciate every single one of you whether you visit instore or order weekly, visit once or month or have visited once this year. It is keeping my dream alive and keeping it going and I promise to put everything I have into it and can not wait for the day where Covid is so far in the past it feels like a dream. 

Fully teared up just thinking of this year and if I can survive opening in a pandemic, dealing with 3 lockdowns and countless restrictions. Law changes, failed events, being shouted at once and the endless working hours then throw what you want at us 2022 because we will always come out on top!


Have the best 2022 and thank you for all your support and for reading my waffle,

Much love Liv x