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We have updated our OG football cake! our original design was going back to 2019!!! and we have certainly changed our style since then and improved 10 fold so we have finally updated our design!

Our new style includes your football teams main colour as the base with fondant football designs to the side with some card cut out footballs and a card logo of your team, including our classic piping style and any topper you would like. 
If your looking for something a bit different please pop us a message:)  

Please note our cakes available to order on our website are as seen in pictures, they can not include specific additions such as chocolates/pictures etc as these will be classed as custom cakes and are prices differently. Feel free to add in the notes if you want any names etc including. 



*Please be aware we use gluten, nuts, dairy, soy and eggs in our kitchens.* If you have allergy concerns, it is important to contact us @ livscupcakes1@gmail.com

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