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When you can't decide what to get a cupcake bouquet is perfect for any occassion! Our bouquets hold 7 cupcakes (max 2 flavours) and look stunning - if we do say so ourselves! We can create these in any colour scheme and are best transported strapped in the car with the large belt behind the bouquet and the smaller part holding the front. Our bouquets come perfectly packaged and make stunning centre pieces for events.


Please note our cupcakes available to order on our website are as seen in pictures, they can not include additional personalisation, unless otherwise mentioned, specific additions such as chocolates/pictures etc are deemed as custom cakes and may be a different price- please message us for custom cupcakes/cakes*



*Please be aware we use gluten, nuts, dairy, soy and eggs in our kitchens.* If you have allergy concerns, it is important to contact us @

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