FAQ About our Move


Where are you moving too?

We are moving from our beloved shop to a home kitchen M9 4AS number 17, Just a 10 min drive from the shop. 

Will you still be taking orders?

Yes! Big fat yes. We are not going anywhere, we are just moving. New collections will be from M9 4AS number 17. Orders can also be delivered when ordered with a Balloon set up.

I have an order booked in for after 1/3/23 will it go ahead!?

Yes, all orders booked prior to us moving will not only go ahead but as we understand you ordered with the understanding you were collecting from our shop we will offer free delivery if you are unable to collect from M9 4AS number 17!

I can’t collect my order that is already booked in for March onwards?

Do not worry you will have had or be getting an email apologising for the inconvenience and offering free delivery on your chosen collection date. 

Will you still be on UBER EATS?

We will be taking a break for a couple of weeks whilst we move and sort everything out but then plan to do late night uber eats till 9pm!! On thursday evenings and we will always plaster this all over social media when we do:)

What happens to my loyalty card instore?

We want to honour them as best as we can and if you have a loyalty card each stamp is worth 10% off  a box of x6 cupcakes from the counter before we close the shop front. That means if you have an almost full card of 9 stamps you can get 90% off!!! They will no longer be valid after we move.

Do I need to use my gift voucher instore before you move?

Yes- sorry i know its not ideal but please use any gift vouchers instore on our counter before we move as they will then become invalid. 

Are you moving to a new shop?

No, we are sadly not going to be having a shop front anymore and will be for the time being converting spare rooms and space in my grandma's home to a mini commercial kitchen and office space so I can still complete custom and corporate orders and be as creative as I like:)

Will you be offering delivery?

We will of course be offering delivery to any orders booked prior to 1/3/23. We plan to try and implement some sort of delivery service maybe every Friday however we will need to settle in and see what works best and what we have time for. We do however offer delivery for large corporate orders and orders booked in with event set ups.

If you have any questions please feel free to message us:)

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